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Water is our World!

Incorporated in 2020, Sukuma Sports was born as the product of two families passionate about water sports. We strive to provide sporting equipment which lasts the test of time and use which is why we offer up to a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects. We operate incredibly efficiently and therefore are able to offer high-end quality products at very fair prices.

Here at Sukuma Sports, we want to get it right for our customers. This is why we we are taking one step at a time to grow the business starting with a high quality, fully tested and developed paddle board. rather than diluting the effectiveness of our resources, we have uniquely decided to concentrate on developing a high quality inflatable paddle board that will last the test of time and use for our customers. we have been working behind the scenes on our 2022 Nime paddle board for over a year and manufacturing prototypes and developing these designs to ensure our customers ultimately get the highest quality board without paying out for the likes of the large brands.

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